The Desert Vista High School Football Booster Club provides fundraising support and volunteer services to our student athletes, the coaching staff, the athletic department and our parents for the purposes of motivating and encouraging participation by families, friends, and faculty in support of Desert Vista Football coaching staff as they provide a foundation for character, academia, and player development.

Board Members:

President: Sarah Schiermeyer
Vice-President: Dan Wheeler
Treasurer:  Carl Spackman
Secretary: Amanda Green
Communications Officer:  Mike Hunsaker

President Elect
Vice-President Elect:
Treasurer Elect:
Secretary Elect:  Melissa Medeiros
Communications Elect:

Additional Volunteers:

  • Concessions Manager – 
  • Website Manager – Mike Hunsaker
  • Team Parents:
    • Varsity – Amanda Green
    • JV – Danielle Graham
    • Freshman – 
  • 12th Man Club – David Acedo
  • Mom’s Club – 
  • Banquet Chairs:
    • Varsity/JV – 
    • Freshmen – 
  • Pregame Meals – 
  • Car Wash (2023-06-24) – 
  • Football 101 for Moms (2023-07-22) – Joy Held
  • Senior Father/Mentor Retreat (2023-07-29) – 
  • Team BBQ (2023-08-04) – Darrin Schauble 
  • Lineman Dinners – 
  • HUDL – Dan Wheeler
  • Thunder Cards – 
  • Sponsors – 
  • Program –
  • Candid Photographers – Amy Brown, Jennifer Cochran(Freshmen) 
  • Picture Day (Team Pics/Senior Banners/Seniors w/Moms) – 

If you are interested in running for a board member position or want more info on any of the committees please email

We will have sign-ups at our upcoming spring kick-off meeting for committees.  Reach out if you are interested in participating in or chairing any of these committees.  

Also, reach out if you would like to learn more about what each committee does.